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摘要 : 2018年4月23日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊、著名微生物学期刊《The ISME Journal》杂志在线发表了深圳大学高等研究院李猛教授团队的一篇研究论文

2018年4月23日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊、著名微生物学期刊《The ISME Journal》杂志在线发表了深圳大学高等研究院李猛教授团队的一篇研究论文,研究报道了古菌微生物的生理代谢研究进展。研究工作题为“Comparative genomic inference suggests mixotrophic lifestyle for Thorarchaeota”。课题组成员刘杨副研究员(原李猛教授博士后)为第一作者,李猛教授为通讯作者。

古菌作为微生物的一个重要组分,在地球生命演化过程中扮演着极为重要的角色。自从2015年洛基古菌的发现,到2016年的索尔古菌,以及最近Asgard古菌超级门的发现和建立,这一类在极端和普通环境下都有所分布的古菌被认为是迄今以来,距离真核生物起源最近的一类古菌。基于这一类古菌的基因组和功能代谢预测研究为理解真核生物的起源与生命之树的系统发育开辟了新的研究道路。李猛教授团队与香港大学生物科学学院顾继东教授、美国德克萨斯大学奥斯丁分校Brett J. Baker教授合作,采用宏基因组和生物信息学技术手段,在深圳湾红树林湿地沉积物中获得了索尔古菌的三个高质量基因组草图。通过基因组的精细分析发现,索尔古菌具有降解有机质、固定无机碳、还原硫单质或硫酸盐,以及产乙酸等代谢途径(图1)。研究结果对于认识古菌在生态环境中的作用以及揭示真核生物起源等方面都有十分重要的意义。




Comparative genomic inference suggests mixotrophic lifestyle for Thorarchaeota


Thorarchaeota are a new archaeal phylum within the Asgard superphylum, whose ancestors have been proposed to play possible ecological roles in cellular evolution. However, little is known about the lifestyles of these uncultured archaea. To provide a better resolution of the ecological roles and metabolic capacity of Thorarchaeota, we obtained Thorarchaeota genomes reconstructed from metagenomes of different depth layers in mangrove and mudflat sediments. These genomes from deep anoxic layers suggest the presence of Thorarchaeota with the potential to degrade organic matter, fix inorganic carbon, reduce sulfur/sulfate and produce acetate. In particular, Thorarchaeota may be involved in ethanol production, nitrogen fixation, nitrite reduction, and arsenic detoxification. Interestingly, these Thorarchaeotal genomes are inferred to contain the tetrahydromethanopterin and tetrahydrofolate Wood–Ljungdahl (WL) pathways for CO2 reduction, and the latter WL pathway appears to have originated from bacteria. These archaea are predicted to be able to use various inorganic and organic carbon sources, possessing genes inferred to encode ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-like proteins (normally without RuBisCO activity) and a near-complete Calvin–Benson–Bassham cycle. The existence of eukaryotic selenocysteine insertion sequences and many genes for proteins previously considered eukaryote-specific in Thorarchaeota genomes provide new insights into their evolutionary roles in the origin of eukaryotic cellular complexity. Resolving the metabolic capacities of these enigmatic archaea and their origins will enhance our understanding of the origins of eukaryotes and their roles in ecosystems.


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